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ULEZ extension plans raises concerns

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Fears have been raised about plans for the expansion of London's controversial ultra low emission zone (ULEZ).

Slough Borough Council is concerned about the impact of extending the measure across the capital's boroughs which border Berkshire.

The proposal is aimed at improving air quality by reducing the number of vehicles that do not meet emission standards.

The council said it feared those on low incomes would be adversely affected.

Vehicles that do not meet the emission standards face a daily charge of £12.50 when they enter the ULEZ.

Concerns were raised this would impact those who cannot afford the fee or the swap to cleaner vehicles, according to the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

Neighbouring local authorities outside London have also expressed concerns this move could impact their local road networks.

A Slough Borough Council spokesperson said sustainable transport had to be invested in for the wider benefits of the town to balance the expected impacts on major transport links to and from London.

The spokesperson also said the council had not decided if it objected to or supported ULEZ signs being erected.

A Transport for London (TfL) spokesperson said legislation allowed them to have the final say on the placement of signs but only as a "last resort".

TfL's Director of Strategy and Policy Christina Calderato said: "London-wide ULEZ is vital in tackling the triple threats of air pollution, the climate emergency and congestion, and will ensure millions more people can breathe cleaner air.

"Those living outside the London boundary will also benefit from cleaner air, as drivers outside the capital shift to more environmentally friendly vehicles that meet the ULEZ standards."

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